PictureUltimately, training is necessary to enable individuals to appreciate and act in accordance with a new IP strategy. Many organizations pass up opportunities to secure valuable intellectual rights because scientists and engineers are overly critical of their contributons, believing them to be unpatentable, despite the time, effort and business value. Communicating a business focused IP strategy and providing incentives for patent disclosures creates a receptive audience; ready to unlearn old paradigms and myths about patents and trade secrets.

Having found that customizing training materials to the clients technology provides the best learning experience, Edward Sherman has developed a parallel training approach for marketing personnel, technical managers and executives. Potential clients are invited to sample the curriculum through internet based training currently being offered by the Society for Plastics Engineers: 

March 6, 2003 
Part 1 – Intellectual Property Principles for Product Development Personnel in the Plastics Industry

April 17, 2003 
Part 2 – Understanding and Protecting Intellectual Property for Managers and Executives in the Plastics Industry