Client Recommendations

“I have hired Ed to prepare patent applications for two inventions of mine over the past 6 years. Ed’s technical expertise in related fields proved to be of immense value in performing this work. I highly recommend Ed for any patent application, patent licensing or other IP-related work you may require.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.
Tom McGuinness, PE, Hired Ed as a Attorney in 2003, and hired Ed more than once

“Ed is extremely knowledgeable about patent and intellectual property law. He has the ability to critically analyze issues quickly and to communicate clearly. I have found him a consistently valuable resource and referral.”
Richard H. Levin, Attorney at Law

“Ed is TRULY a gentleman and scholar! … and quite the renaissance guy in his varied a vocational pursuits. To work with him is always a delight. Beyond his expert command of patent law, Ed brings good business analytics to crafting overall intellectual property strategies. He is comfortable in both domestic and international venues and works very comfortably across cultures. Without reservation, Ed is an asset to our team”. 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Murray I. Firestone, Hired Ed as a Attorney in 2006, and hired Ed more than once

“My company has worked with Ed on literally dozens of patent applications over the past four years. We have always found his work to be of very high quality. Ed is a true professional and has proven that he can handle and understand highly technical and complex scientific information produced by our scientists. I highly recommend Ed’s services as a patent attorney to any company that not only needs patent work done – but also needs someone who can think out of the box and advise them on how to best implement their patent strategy.” 
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
Ron Waldman, Hired Ed as a Attorney in 2005

“Ed provided me outstanding service, as well as helped guide me into having a great outcome with my patent. He was able to educate me on what would serve me best for my needs. I highly recommend Ed to anyone, and will certainly use Ed in the future for other projects I am working on.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Scott Rosa, Hired Ed as a Attorney in 2008

“Ed researched and consulted in the preliminary groundwork for Omsphere’s provisional patent strategy. I found Ed a creative resource with a strong desire to help Omsphere benefit in developing a sound technology roadmap and IP protection strategy.” 
Joe Anderson

From colleagues while working as the IP MANAGER, JDS UNIPHASE:

“Ed is a very sharp technical person who really understands the legal intricacies of scientific development. I’d highly recommend Ed to handle anyone’s IP needs.” 
Tim Goodman, Senior Optical Engineer, JDS Uniphase

“I worked with Ed Sherman for several years while he was in the IP department at JDSU in the 2000 time frame. Ed did his job very thoroughly and did a great job of providing a portal between an engineer and the language of patents. We dissected many patents together and worked on some patent road map strategies. This time was just prior to Ed completing his law degree.”

Fred Van Milligen, Director of R&D, JDS Uniphase

“Ed is extremely knowledgeable in patent law, and provided expert assistance with several patent applications during my tenure at OCLI/JDSU. He’s a quick study on difficult technical issues, asks the right questions, and strikes the right balance of rigor and pragmatism. I recommend him without reservation.”
Michael Greenberg, Optical Engineer, JDSU